E-Waste Management

Over the years, computers have widely enhanced different walks of human life. However, with the rapid and dramatic changes in life, mismanagement of electronic garbage has created devastating issues. Generally, computer equipments contain a comprehensive range of hazardous elements and substances such as cathode ray tubes with barium and lead oxide, toxic metals, biologically active materials, poly vinyl chloride, plastic additives, chlorinated brominated substances, heavy metals such as lead & cadmium in circuit boards, mercury in plane screens, and copper cables. According to Basel Action Network, 500 million computers across the world contain 716.7 million kgs of lead, 2.87 billion kgs of plastics, and 286,700 kgs of mercury and if they are burnt, they will release poisonous emissions in the surrounding air and create various health issues.

Gaskets and glass panels in computer monitors can cause the damage to kidneys, peripheral nervous systems, blood systems and delay the brain’s development in infants.

Semiconductors and Chip resistors contains Cadmium that accumulate in various organs then may cause neural damages.

Motherboards contain Beryllium that is carcinogenic and may cause chronic beryllium disease and other skin diseases.

Circuit board and electronic equipment contain Brominated flame retardants that may adversely damage endocrine system functions.

CRTs contains Barium that may cause damage to the heart, liver and spleen and muscle weakness.

Relays printed circuit boards and switches contain Mercury that negatively damage to the brain, skin and respiratory disorder

Steel plates contain Hexavalent chromium that can cause Asthmatic bronchitis and damage to DNA.

Management of Electronic Rubbish
More than 70% electronic waste either goes to the landfill or is disposed of in the water from where it enters into human body and causes severe damages. Proper waste management will not only minimize the danger of health consequences but also lead to the betterment of the global environment.

Inventory management
While manufacturing products, it is very important to improve the quality as well as the quantity of the materials. Manufacturers can reduce the adverse effects by minimizing the use of dangerous substances or using substitutions of non-hazardous materials. On the other hand, users can contribute by purchasing the products they require for specific periods and upgrading. Moreover, the approval process in evaluating the quantity of hazardous elements before going to market should be strictly followed.

The improvement of the production process

Enhancement in the production and maintenance process is necessary and it will significantly reduce the electronic waste. Either all the dangerous substances that are used in the production can be replaced or quantity can be minimized. Moreover, it is quite important to evoke some strict production and maintenance regulations and companies should be instructed to abide by them. For example, circuit board can be substituted with solvent-based product with water-based flux and can be used with solvent vapor degreaser with detergent parts washer. Chemicals such as caustics, cyanides and acids should be maintained properly and drained only after it is properly recycled.
The users should be aware about the penalty of extensive applications of toxic elements in computer. They must realize how their initiative will bring revolutionary changes in waste production and save environment.

Volume of product reduction

The volume of the products can be reduced by minimizing or replacing the hazardous portion of waste stream. Manufacturers are expected to make sure that users are given complete education on recycling and reusing the units they buy. Moreover, manufacturer can also use compaction components in place of electronic equipments to minimize the use of cathode ray-tube.

Recycling significantly reduces electronic wastes. Users should not throw computer and other electronic gazettes thoughtlessly; instead, they can go for recycling or donate to schools and other charitable organizations. Manufacturers of printed-circuit board can retrieve all-possible substances from tin-lead path and copper and recycle for reuse.

Develop the Sustainable product
Manufacturers should keep safe factors in mind. For example, they should use renewable, less hazardous materials, bioplastic instead of plastics made of petro chemicals and bio-based glue, inks and toners. They can also use renewable sources that are safe. As a responsible citizen, users can use computers for longer period’s time by upgrading processors, memory and hard drives.

One can call Asset-Recovery Services for business technology and computer equipment recycling needs.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Mousumi_Kumar

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