5 Ways to Stop Pollution

Pollution is a very recent happening as compared to the evolution of this earth or the advent of human kinds. It is only about 5000 years old when people started copper smelting and toxic fumes, vapours and smoke started to infiltrate into the virgin environment. Metallurgical manufacture of iron sometime around 2000BC further coloured the blue sky.

Industrial revolution some two centuries ago gave pollution a permanent seat. There has been an exponential rise in pollutants in the last 50 years. With the advent of 21st.century, we find pollutants to be commanding the nature. We have environment of mass destruction such as greenhouse effect, global warming and several other such course deviations forcing us to imagining apprehension of peril knocking at the door.2012 is not far behind.

Since the beginning, nature enjoys in making, shaping and bringing up newer species into the world of ours. What it cannot do itself, it encourages mankind to do through discoveries and invention coupled with industrialization. However, economics of profitability and cut-throat greedy competence has attracted global gloom in the shape of pollution far too soon. Destruction is far easier than making.

Universe that we know teaches us many things about combating pollution and remaining clean. This universe is most dangerously hazardous than any place on this earth. With millions of nuclear bombardment taking place in our Sun, huge amount of universal debris roaming around, cosmic rays consisting of hazardous radiation, comets and sun flares, are some instances. These universal activities make our effort to turn the earth into a living hell too microscopic an effort in comparison. Yet, Universe has a system to manage things intelligently and constructively. It has a bag code named “black hole” which attracts the debris and the evils of the universe, stores all and manufactures a new universe in a cyclic order.

Perhaps this forced the eminent physicist, Stephen Hawking to voice that the laws of gravity rather than the intervention of a divine being set the Universe in motion.

We may read between the lines. The universe is our originator. Our entire anatomy is made up from the five basics of nature. These are soil, water, air, fire and the sky. The physics of universe is in us with a history sheet of DNA. We have only to try to obey the nature and the universe. The universe and by default, the nature adopt the five golden principles of conservation, minimization, reutilization, recycling and reconditioning. We may align ourselves to these only to mitigate pollution.

There are laws of conservation of energy and matter in place with Einstein theory of mass-energy conversion to debate upon. We can also conserve our energy and resources. You have only to apply your mind before doing anything and you will start getting results. For example:

• Take a walk for short distances.
• Use public conveyance.
• Work from home
• Use lift for ascending high rise only.
• Use appropriate technology to keep your rooms warm or cool.
• Add more green to your food.

Minimization or reduction of waste generation is another tool which we can use diligently to stop pollution from taking an upper hand. We generate almost half metric ton of municipal waste per person per year. The more you are affluent, more is the waste generation. Persons living in rural area or the aboriginals have almost zero waste generation. How sordid it is? Waste generation has become a signature of affluence and literacy. We know that an efficient machine or process produce less wastage. We may refer to a car engine.Unburnt fuel comes out in the form of toxic emission signifying inefficiency and adding to cost of travelling. We, the general mass, have some very effective strategy in our hand to minimize waste generation such as:

• Become a paperless white collar in this IT age.
• Compost green discards and use it as manure in the kitchen or container garden.
• Use biodegradable material.
• Use minimum non-bio-degradable and dispose such waste to an appropriate agency for recycling or appropriate disposal.
• Share

The art and science of reutilization is the hallmark of one’s ingenuity and intelligence. It is very easy to throw away a used article in the trash but it takes a bit of your brain and your mindset to reutilize the same object for some other useful purpose. For example, you can use an old newspaper for covering a book or for wiping a mirror or wind glass. I know of one of my gold medalist college friend who used an old news paper for revising notes once with a pencil and then again by a pen. Similarly, used tea leaves are very good for rose plants and to maintain porosity in the soil. You just brainstorm before deciding to throw and you will find one or two meaningful use of the discard. You may donate old clothes to some social group for disbursement among the needy.

Recycling and reutilization are complementary to each other. These days, the actual profit lies in recycling so-called waste into some useful bye product. Almost all industries have mastered this art. You can also become a bit richer by recycling odd things that you consider to be altogether rejects. Some are:

• Your kitchen discards are the principal source of waste. Make some delicacies from the leftovers. Make new dishes with vegetable skins highly recommended by health specialists. What about chicken soup from chicken claws?
• Recycle green waste into composted manure.
• Use close circuit measures to recycle water as pushing water from the source to your house takes considerable energy and added energy in disposing it to a distant central location for discharge into the stream or river or for further treatment and recycling.

Reconditioning is an age old concept widely in use. Primitive men used to recondition animal’s skin for their daily wear. If strategic sectors such as rail, road, machine building, dams, tunnels and the likes do not use reconditioning measures in good time then disaster may have an easy presence. If one does not recondition and opts for new alternative all the time then cost and labor may sour sky high. There are now industries which are specialist in reconditioning. Car is the one. You can also adopt reconditioning in your house. You will get inspiration from one important fact. Vintage and antiquity have become a status symbol. Even a 100 year old father or mother in good condition have a useful presence and is adored, appreciated and acclaimed.

You were always worried about increasing your profitability and saving. Here is a golden opportunity to double or treble your assets without investing anything and on the contrary doing your worthwhile to recoup the lost environment.

PN Singh

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=PN_Singh

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